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MTE Ad Co-Op has been helping its clients promote their businesses, products, blogs, and services 24/7 since 2008 with no effort on your part!

Since 2008, MTE Ad Co-Op has been delivering quality web site marketing to our clients sites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all on auto pilot. We do all your advertising work for you.

If you are marketing a business, service, product, lead capture page, blog, we can put your site in front of live web site visitors daily!

We also do custom full page web site design, lead capture pages, landing pages, and, splash pages. We can also host your site, blog, or splash page on our super fast server.

How does this work?

MTE Ad Co-Op is a marketing company that is designed to help you drive targeted traffic to your website. You simply set up an account, select a marketing package that best suits your needs and budget, you tell us what to advertise, then, we take it from there.

We also do low cost web site hosting perfect for your blog or lead capture pages. Need a complete lead capture system? We can set up and design personalized lead capture system including personalized lead capture pages, hosting, and, autoresponder!

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Here is just a small list of places we will advertise for you:

Face Book / I Love Hits / Legacy Hits / Wild Hog Mailer / Traffic G / Social Surf 4 U / Hit 2 Hit / State of the Art Mailer / Viking Hits / Social Ad Surf / Clix Sense / Ninja Surf / List Nerds / Got Safe List / Dragon Surf / List Joe / Traffic Punk / Donkey Emails / List Bonus / Soaring for Traffic / Mountain High Mailer / Fast Easy Traffic / Traffic Dodgems / Start Exchange / Web Centre Surf / My Empire Hits / Traffic Splash / Traffic Wonderland / Max Traffic Pro / Promo Lotto / Lords of Traffic / Traffic Taxis / Traffic Jamms / Rain Forest Clicks / Traffic Asylum / Traffic Dynamite / Traffic Era / Hit Silo / TS25 / Hits Booster Pro / Farm Traffic / Easy Hits 4 U / Soaring for Traffic / Hits Impossible / Volcano Hits / Sea Star Hits / Top Tier / Tezak Traffic Power / Advertising Know How / Blue Surf / Hits Safari / Major Leauge Hits / High Hits / Traffic Swarm / Traffic Gold Rush / Sly Hits / Forever Concepts / Adchiever / The Traffic Dance / ThumbVu / The Marketers Edge / Sweeva / Get Fast Hits / Jungle Clicks Pro / / Webmasterquest / Traffic Speedway / Bweeble / Shock Wave Traffic / 247 Traffic Pro / High Hits / Traffic Delivers / Traffic Swirl / Surf Sumo / Site Xplosion / Surf Skeleton / Top Flight Traffic / Pro Click Exchange / Traffic Swirl / Traffic Fugitive / Prosperity Hits 4 U / Hot Flash Hits / State of the Art Mailer / List Bonus / List Build Surf / Cuppa Traffic / Traffic Fusion / The Bondsman TE / Red Stag Mailer / Lords of Lothar / Solomatic Traffic / Mister Safe List / Out Law Mailer / Sea Life Hits / Boxes of Traffic / Midas Touch Hits / Global Safe List / Mailsy / Commando Mailer / Harmony Mails / Major Leauge Advertising / Trend Trax Pro / Star Power Hits / Manual Hits / Hit Mart / Yellow Brick Mailer / Commando Mailer / Harmony Mails / Tezzer Mail / Advertise for Success / Trend Mails / Twitter / List Mailer Plus / Viral Links Pro / Green Alien Mailer / List Compass / Cosmic Traffic / 1-1hits / List Compass / Lion Profts / Atlas Safe List / AE Mailer / Love Your Adz / Synergy Mails / Banner Blitz Viral Mailer / Love My Adz / AE Mailer / World Traffic Mailer / Guerilla TE / Wizard Safe list / Mailer on Fire / Military Hits / RTA Coin / Wizard Safe List / Wife Mailer / SuperXPlosive Mailer / 3rd Rock Mails/ Octo Opp/ Atoz-Adz / Red Fox Safe List / List Vapor / Ads Explosive / Angels Deliver Traffic / Traffic and Likes / Speed Rail Mail / tl2icashmailer / Adz Mailer And the list grows daily! Last Updated 03/29/2023!

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Our Advertising Options:

Web Site Design:

Have a produce or service to sell but not web site? We can custom design a web site for you to help you stand out from the crowd. We can also do lead capture pages, splash pages, and, even landing pages.

Web Site Hosting:
We can host you site, blog, landing page etc on our super fast server for as little as only $5 a month!

Manual Traffic Exchanges:

We can advertise your web site, business, and brand on 100s of top manual traffic exchanges with full page ad views of your sites. Get as little as 3000 hits monthly to over 50,000 hits monthly! You tell us what you want to advertise, we take it from there.

Credit Based Safe List and Viral Mailers Blaster Service:
You can get your site or sites blasted out to over 150+ top credit based safe list and viral mailers in the Industry. We do all the work, you get all the benefits of having your sites, business, and brand automatically seen daily in the top credit based safe list and viral mailers!

Guaranteed Targeted United States web site traffic:
We can also deliver Guaranteed Targeted United States web site traffic to your sites. These visitors are guaranteed to be delivered from the United States, and are targeted at what you are marketing. If you are marketing an a site that sells clothing or jewelry, we target your traffic to the fashion industry!

Credit Based Safe List and Viral Mailers Blaster Service:
You can get your site or sites blasted out to over 100 of the top credit based safe list and viral mailers in the Industry. We do all the work, you get all the benefits of having your sites, business, and brand automatically sent daily to the top credit based safe list and viral mailers!

Face Book/Instagram Campaign:
See those sponsored ads on Face Book or Instagram? How would you like your business seen on the biggest social media site in the world. Join our Face Book campaign and we can advertise on Face Book for you!

Google Campaign:
Join our Google Campaign and get your business seen through Google Ads, and, we do all the work and maintain the campaign, you get seen on the biggest ad network on the world!

Twitter Campaign:

We have yet another campaign for you to join, our Twitter Campaign. We can advertise your business on one of the biggest social media plat forms in the world! This is huge exposure for your business.

Brand new for September 2022, Snap Chat Campaign:

How would you like to advertise on one of the biggest social media sites in the world? With over 374 million members world wide, you get full page ad views of your sites!

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Now is your chance to take advantage of our advertising co-op to receive large amounts of visitors to your site. Whether you have limited time to promote, or need more targeted visitors to your site, our service can't be beat! Even if you are away from your computer, we will deliver visitors to your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Click the link below to join now!

Hint: After you join and login for the first time, you will have to chance to select from several one time offers that will help you get your marketing campaign set up at greatly reduced prices! You will only see these once, right after you login for the first time, so keep an eye out for them!

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